Saturday, 13 October 2012

Medical Mash Up

BBC- NHS and US health system 'should share ideas' (

Before reading the article you would think that it was a good suggestion to share ideas and learn from different mistakes made. However to compare the two nations proves difficult in the size of the population and also their distribution between built up and rural areas.

The Telegraph Online website shows the population densities of the UK: and the USA: with the USA clearly showing that it has large areas of very low population density compard to the UK which has a very high population density across the whole country.

Specifics that one could learn for the other include "NHS, which is in the middle of a £20bn savings drive in England, could learn from the transparency and analytical rigour provided by bodies such as the Congressional Budget Office in the US. And lessons learned from the NHS's rollout of universal electronic health care records could prove helpful to the US, which is much further behind on the issue."

"But both countries are under pressure to get more value out of health care spending and reduce growth in expenditure to sustainable levels and are consequently experimenting with new ways to encourage clinicians, patients and institutions to help achieve this." But maybe not copying another system is the way to do this, maybe ingenuity is needed?

BBC-Kaylee Davidson-Olley marks 25 years with new heart (

"She said: 'I cannot believe that I am fit and healthy 25 years after my transplant. This was only made possible because of the generosity of a family who made that important decision about organ donation, a decision that saved my life. Without that family discussing organ donation, I simply would not be here.'"

"In total, 112 babies aged under a year have received new hearts in the UK during the past 25 years." of the most inpirational stories I have seen in a while!!

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